Empowering field sales agents with a task management solution at their fingertips.


Sales representatives relied on a combination of local applications and Excel spreadsheets to gather essential information and create sales quotes for their clients. This fragmented approach resulted in data collection inefficiencies, leading to errors, delays in quote delivery, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

My Role

Concepting, UX and Visuals


1 Designer
1 developer

Project Timeline

3 Months,2020


The goal was to create a cohesive user experience that consolidates all necessary steps for quote creation into a single, integrated tool accessible to all users.


Understanding the Business

  • The end-to-end process for creating a quote.
  • Types of Quotes
  • Configurations of products and services.
  • Pricing functionality.
  • Quote Delivery

Understanding the Users

  • Sales Representatives spend a huge amount of time navigating between different software to collect data to create a quote.
  • Logging into each of these tools every single time is a huge task.
  • They maintain data-heavy Excel spreadsheets to keep track of service packages and calculate their price. There is a chance of losing that data.
  • Tracking quoted approvals at various stages.


Nick Sanders, 36

Operations Manager

• His role in the sales process is to review the quote and prices.
• He is a super user, which
means he can revoke a quote only in case of an error.
• He can approve if there are discounts requested on quotes.
• He needs to monitor each stage of quote process.

Todd Harris, 28

Sales Representative

• He is involved in interacting with customers.
• Involved in Quote creation and managing the sales quotes.
• Switching between different tools slows his work down.

Information Architecture

Final Designs

Quote Listing Page

Edit Quote

Pricing Page

Review Page

Service Selection

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