Empowering field sales agents with a task management solution at their fingertips.


Large corporations rely on sales teams for revenue, but outdated legacy apps hinder productivity. To address this, we're creating a mobile app that streamlines sales tasks and boosts efficiency.

Primary Research

Interaction Design

Visual Design

4 Months,2020


To develop a mobile app that modernizes sales processes within large corporations, enhancing productivity and efficiency by providing intuitive and user-friendly tools for sales teams.

Primary Research

What Sales Agents want

Agents primarily operate in the field and review their leads and targets on the go
They review their leads and targets on the go
The want to monitor and asses their individual performence against their peers
They need to dedicate time to manually calculate their sales in relation to quotas and expected compensation.
Their desire is to increase their interaction with managers in order to enhance the effectiveness of coaching sessions.

What Sales Managers want

Monitor Revenue generated by his team and oversee progress

Manages multiple sales field teams to drive sales strategies

Coaches and provides training to sales team members to improve their selling effectiveness


James Fletcher,25

Field Sales Agent


Mobile phone ,Laptop


Mostly always on field

“I want a one-stop solution that gives me the visibility and insights I need to meet my targets faster”


James is an experienced field sales agent working for one of the leading insurance companies in the US. He travels a lot and is a very social person. He wants to use technology to help him be more productive at work.


  • A productive system to plan his day better.
  • Context and history about the leads he approaches.
  • Abetter way to track his leads closed and commissions made.
  • Guidance from his peers and managers to close complex deals.
  • Focus more on selling and less on administrative work.

Pain Points

  • Unable to see a compendium of sales performance and compensation information on a real-time basis.
  • Relies on instincts for finding leads.
  • Too many systems and a lot of manual data entry leads to a waste of time.
  • Spending a lot of time on administrative responsibilities than selling.

Dave Stones, 47

Sales Manager


Mobile Phone,Laptop


Desk Job

“I want a system that gives me a comprehensive birds eye to my operations”


Dave is a Sales Manager. He heads a total of 3 sales teams in his organisation. He is goal-oriented and pedantic with the targets he sets for his teams. His performance depends on how well his teams are performing.


  • wants to be aware of sales team trending performance and targets.
  • wants to be able to instantly communicate with his on the ground team.
  • Wants to meet his monthly/yearly goals which are directly tied to their field agents.
  • wants the ability to track sales at an organisational level and track his compensations

Pain Points

  • Juggles between phone calls and email to engage with his team.
  • loss on sell time and not able to provide sufficient guidance to his team members.
  • Finds it challenging to monitor individual and team performance.
  • Sales metrics are either on multiple systems or are not updated real-time.

Information Architecture


Style Guide

Final Designs

Main Navigation

The main navigation of the app divides the solution by Home, Quota, Leads, Contests and More for extra features. Each screen provides the exact information that the sales agent needs to keep track of. This saves time as he looks at it first thing in the morning and stays with him throughout the day, rather than having to log in to his computer to access it


The More tab offers features such as the leaderboard for the sales agent to view his performance against his colleagues, Statements to view the breakdown of his earnings, and finally Coaching Messages with his sales manager.

Sales Manager App

In the Sales Manager app, a manager can view his sales teams, monitor teams performance and agent performance. The manager can also look at the leads assigned to the agents and offer coaching on the leads.


  • Importance of data in design
  • Developing a design system that places a strong emphasis on data, with a focus on creating powerful visualisations.
  • Working on MVP projects prioritising features.

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